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RX-PAGER (40.246 bytes)
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Here you can find blueprints, software and sources, that will allow you to build your home-made reciver to intercept and monitor messages from paging system. You simply connect it via RS232 port to any PC compatibile computer.
DexDebug (39.926 bytes)
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DexDebug is a powerfull 32-bit debugger. After installation it becomes resident, and will activate itself at any signs of DPMI activity. You may also invoke it by pressing '*'.
CrackPic (13.820 bytes)
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Crack PIC 16c71 is a program that allows reading the contest of a programmed and protected PIC 16c71!
It works with a AN589 programmer connected at LPT1, and you must start it under 32-bit DPMI (Under Win95, etc.).
Detailed theory explanations, as well as the sources and algorithm are also included (in THEORY.TXT file)!
NokiaInfo (16.763 bytes)
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Nokia Phone Info v1.00 is program that allows you to get info about your Nokia phone. (IMEI, Product Code, SP/SIM Lock status etc.) Also you can set SP data and unlock SP lock. (Full working version!)
Test-SP unlock SIM (24.628 bytes)
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Test-SP unlock SIM is a card that allows entering into TEST or CLONE mode on Motorola mobile phones based on PIC 16F84 (16C84) wafer card. SP unlocking can be done on phones made before Sep.98.
Sagem-SP unlocker (23.875 bytes)
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Sagem SP unlocker allows you to SP unlock Sagem phones series 8xx and 9xx
Nokia Flasher (18.663 bytes)
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Nokia Flasher allows you to READ and WRITE Flash in Nokia mobile phones based on
Arm CPU (DCT3 generation of Nokia phones)
Gold & Silver Wafer Programmer (27.759 bytes)
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Gold Card (PIC 16f84 & EEPROM 24c16) & Silver Card (PIC 16f876 & 24lc64) programmer allows you writing to PIC Code, Data and External EEPROM using simple programming device.
GSM a38 Gold & Silver Wafer card (34.246 bytes)
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Gsm Sim based on Gold Wafer card (PIC 16F84 & 24lc16) & SIlver Wafer card (PIC 16F876 & 24lc64) is compatible with GSM MoU a38 SIM and allows you to make backup of YOUR SIM. GSM SIM Sliver Wafer card allows you storing to 8 different SIM cards in ONE card with 219 Phone book and 42 SMS positions.
EEPROM repair for Nokia DCT3 phones v1.01 (17.017 bytes)
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EEPROM repair for Nokia DCT3 phones is software that allows you repairing damaged EEPROM data in Nokia DCT3 phones. (SP unlocking & IMEI changing)
Works on phones: 32xx,33xx,51xx,61xx,62xx,71xx,82xx, etc.
SimScan v2.01 (106.490 bytes) Win32 Application!
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SIM SCAN is a program that allows functionality analysis of Yours GSM SIM smart card.
Do not use this program on SOMEONE ELSE'S SIM CARDS, and use it in educational purposes only! With this program you can analyze: ATR, CLA+INS, FILES, Key.
Also, you can write IMSI and Ki to GSM a38 SIM Gold Card (PIC 16f84 & EEPROM 24c16)
Finding Ki works on 100% of new SIM cards from 2000-2002 with COMP128-1 ciphering algorithm.
Nokia DCT-4 Reader v1.00b (16.414 bytes)
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With this software you can read scrambled&unscrambled FLASH,RAM,etc. from Nokia DCT-4 Phones.
Nokia DCT3, DCT4 MasterCode Calculator (6.405 bytes)
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MCode is software that runs on Symbian platform (S60) and allows you to calculate
Master Code for Nokia DCT3 (6110,8210,etc..) and DCT4 (8310,etc...)phones.
Nokia BB5 Loger & Calculator (11.391 bytes)
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Nokia BB5 loger & calculator can SP unlock 6630,6680,6681,n70,n90,...
with RAP3G v2,11 to v2,20 Nokia phones.
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